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Review of the picture “World Events”

Weltgeschehen_Guenter-Ruhm_Mannheim_web.jpgA painting made up of different elements that seem to have nothing to do with each other and yet there are connections between them.

The background forms a mountainous landscape with a blue sky. In the center of the picture are three brick walls that converge. Below left to the middle a path and green space. Extending from the right brick wall are two rounded steles. Between the lawn and the brick wall on the right, a street runs down to the right. To the left of the road is the aforementioned lawn, then a city wall with a city gate; a “J” at the left end. Below, from the left, a pen bowl with a nib from which ink flows onto the green background. To the right is a book with white pages and an hourglass on it. In the middle in a wreath of fire, the scheme of a face.

The “J” has a connection with the city wall and the gate… “J” for “Jahweh” or “Jerusalem” whose wall of the old city with “Golden Gate” can be seen. According to Jewish belief, the “Golden Gate” will be opened when the Messiah arrives in the “Holy City”….time is running out…written with pen and ink in the „Old Testament“. The brick wall with the two rounded steles is found again in “The Adoration of the Magi” in a simple place in world history. It is written in the „Koran“ that the Prophet came to Jerusalem in a night journey on the back of his horse “Burak”.

Everything created by human hands is perishable; what was once glorious is now a ruin… we all walk a road we call life; the road is empty, we don’t know what we are going to encounter… up the road, down it… our time on this planet is recorded in the book of life.

All watched by…

World Events…

Oil on canvas
40 x 50cm

#bibel #koran #altestestament #burak #jerusalem #religion #prophet #jesus #leonardodavinci #florenz #firenze #rom #roma

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